October 20, 2020

Fall 2020 Scholarship Winner: Cierra P.

tnaa nurse scholarship

At Travel Nurse Across America, we are committed to providing professional development opportunities and continuing education to the nursing community. Twice a year, we extend an invitation to RN’s nationwide to apply for a $2,500 scholarship towards a BSN program. The awardee is selected by our scholarship committee.

Fall 2020 Scholarship Winner: Cierra P.

After reviewing applications, we are delighted to announce that Cierra P. of St. Louis, Missouri is our Fall 2020 Scholarship Awardee. Cierra is currently a full-time nursing student at the University of Missouri–St. Louis.

From a young age, Cierra saw first-hand what it was like to work in the medical field. Both of her parents were paramedics, and she remembers spending much of her time before and after school at the engine station where her mother worked. As you’d imagine, this came with its interesting quirks, like how one time she was picked up from soccer practice in an ambulance! But, it also left a lasting impression on Cierra about the good work that people just like her parents perform day-in and day-out.Cierra P

One memory which always sticks with Cierra is the image of her mother in the newspaper, helping to bring a mom and her child to safety after a house fire which tragically killed the woman’s youngest child. Seeing her mother helping these strangers during their time of need exemplifies what Cierra sees as so important about this kind of work: being able to help every person you meet as much as you can no matter what. Later on, after going through EMT training while getting her first Bachelor’s degree and seeing the care her sister received during a battle with brain cancer a couple years back, Cierra knew what her true calling was: nursing.

Now, Cierra is married, has two little girls, is back in school to get her BSN, and works part-time as a waitress- it’s definitely no easy feat to juggle everything! However, that’s not stopping Cierra from pursuing her dream, and it’s this exact kind of commitment and work ethic which we know is important for a nurse to have. Instead, she’s looking forward to when she can start working as a nurse and traveling to places all over the country, especially states like Arizona, Maine, Washington, and Georgia.

In the future, Cierra would like to become a flight nurse, helping patients who need to be picked up via helicopter just like how her parents helped those via ambulance. For now, she’s focused on finishing up her degree in the next two years- and we’re excited to be able to help her do so!