Your Way Is Paid

Being a travel nurse or allied traveler requires many licenses and certifications, the costs of which can quickly add up. While many healthcare travel agencies pay for some of these expenses, others don’t pay for anything.
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Take an assignment with Travel Nurse Across America and let us simplify the process of getting your needed licenses and certifications.

Before getting to your new assignment, our team will arrange and pay for any physical examinations and immunizations you may need to start working. Plus, our experienced Quality Assurance Specialists are there to help you every step of the way and answer any questions you have.

When you work with us, your way is paid.

When you accept an assignment with TNAA, we pay for or reimburse you for the cost of:

  • Nursing licenses
  • Certifications
  • Physicals and immunizations
  • Titers
  • Background checks and drug screens
  • Fingerprinting

On occasion, a facility may require you to complete additional tasks prior to starting your assignment, like completing training or orientation modules. TNAA will pay for you to do approved tasks before starting your assignment. While every task may not qualify, we encourage you to ask your QA specialist for more information or to see if a task qualifies. 

For more information on Your Way is Paid, please contact your TNAA recruiter.

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