Chaplain Program for Nurses and Allied Travelers

TNAA’s chaplain program is one of our standout benefits - the allied traveler and travel nurse benefits that go beyond the basics to improve your quality of life in every facet.

The emotional burden of working in healthcare is real. Healthcare travelers away from their support system of family and friends sometimes find themselves in need of encouragement or comfort from someone who truly cares. As an extension of our TNAA staff, we offer our travelers support through the Chaplain Assistance Program, a partnership with Corporate Chaplains of America we’ve maintained since 2010.

Chaplains are common in hospitals, but it becomes difficult to connect with resources when you’re not perm staff. As your employer, TNAA wants to ensure that you have consistent access to a chaplain. Chaplains are skilled workplace caregivers trained in providing care in multicultural environments, representing many different religious backgrounds.

Meet TNAA’s Chaplain Angela

Chaplain Angela

As a TNAA traveler, you’ll hear from Chaplain Angela as she introduces herself at the beginning of your first assignment. But, she’s also available to all TNAA travelers (and corporate staff) to provide uplifting encouragement or help with personal crisis management whenever you need it.

Whether it’s a personal life issue or you’re struggling with grief and trauma from your work, Chaplain Angela is a shoulder to lean on, a source of nondenominational spiritual care, or simply a listening ear.

Participation in this program is strictly voluntary. All communication, such as the method or the time of day, is on your terms. The chaplain will never disclose a traveler’s private information to anyone without permission.

A Word from Chaplain Angela

I am here for YOU!

TNAA cares about you and wants you to succeed, not only at your job but in life as well. As your chaplain, I get to care for everyone, no matter your circumstance, background, faith, tradition, or if you have no religious faith at all. If you ever need someone to turn to, or just need a listening ear, I am here for you. Any time, any place, any situation; I am only a phone call, text, or email away. 

With gratitude, I look forward to serving you.

Chaplain Angela

Contacting TNAA’s Chaplain

TNAA’s chaplain is available 24/7 to care for you and your family as you navigate through life’s ups and downs. This TNAA benefit comes at no cost to you.

If you need to reach out to Chaplain Angela, you can find all the information to connect with her here.

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