Paid Sick Leave for TNAA Travelers

Unlike many other agencies, we offer paid sick leave in every state, and it begins accruing from your first day. You’re able to use it when you need it while you are actively on assignment with TNAA.

Taking care of travelers is what TNAA does best!

TNAA is proud to offer paid sick leave to all of our healthcare travelers. You may only work for a facility on a temporary basis, but you’re a permanent part of our team, and we’ll always do right by you. At TNAA, we always have your needs in mind so you can take excellent care of your patients, as well as take care of yourself.

Sick leave begins accruing from your first day. When you are actively on assignment with TNAA, you can use the sick leave when you need it for personal health reasons or the needs of immediate family members. We know it’s hard to take time off when you’re a travel nurse or allied traveler, but TNAA makes it simple.

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If you return to TNAA for additional assignments within a one-year period, you can take advantage of our sick leave carryover policy. It’s time that you’ve earned and we want you to keep it.

Sick leave cannot be paid in advance of accrual. Healthcare travelers who are re-employed after one year of separation forfeit any unused sick leave. Unused time under this policy is not payable as a cash benefit at year-end or at the time of separation.