January 31, 2022

A Message of Gratitude from TNAA's CEO

Thank you to the hardworking nurses, doctors, therapists working on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are forever grateful!

None of us imagined this pandemic and its impact on our world, particularly your world. As a healthcare professional, what you encounter each day is much different than the vast majority of us. So, I wanted to take a moment to write you a note of gratitude. 

I am a son, a parent, a spouse, a grandfather, a colleague, and a friend, and while I’ve not needed (as of this email) to be under your care, you’ve already cared for so many people just like me. 

You likely entered this profession because you had a heart for healing. You may never have imagined the depths of stress, dedication, compassion, sorrow, and on some days, the rewards of what you do each shift.

Thank you for coming back each day. Thank you for being trained to heal and help by using your gifts for us and for our communities. Thank you for being there to help us heal (in grief or in relief). We know you are tired. We know you are spent. You’ve told us so. 

We don’t have the words to express the depths of our gratitude. We just want to be part of helping you in any way we can. Our clinical team understands – many still work at the bedside. Our HR team is ready to explain our benefits and put them to use for you. Our recruitment team wants you to be where you want, when you want. Our housing and QA teams stand ready to support your next move. We know you have questions because so many things are changing along the way. If you have questions on benefits, payroll, credentialing, housing, please let us know. We sincerely want to get better each day because you are worth it.

When you have a moment, please check out our newest benefit, First Stop Health, and remember, our Corporate Chaplain Angela is available as needed.

Sometimes it helps to have a place to vent your thoughts and a free space to express yourself.  We’ve opened a link to allow you to express your thoughts related to your job, the industry, and ways we can better help you. Anonymous submissions are an option. We will use the collective feedback to represent you to the industry and to be a better guide and support for you. No individual response will be shared.


In a time when travel nursing is in such demand, we are grateful you chose TNAA. And, we are honored to be part of your travel journey.

Kindest of all regards,

Tim McKenzie

President & CEO, Travel Nurse Across America