Amplifying Stories of Change Makers in Healthcare #bethegood

Change Makers

As a healthcare worker, you make a difference by showing up. The healthcare community is full of amazing, resilient, and determined individuals who leave a trail of inspiration everywhere they go. These are just some of the stories that shed light on the impact others like you have in the world.

ICU travel nurse poses in TNAA outfit


When a hospital stay postponed her patient’s matrimony, a TNAA ambassador and ICU travel nurse took on her first gig as a wedding planner.


In the middle of a pandemic, there’s something extra in the ordinary. A TNAA travel nurse learns that even simple actions have a significant impact in this new normal.


A TNAA travel nurse works to establish a connection and gain the trust of a patient. Because of their conversations, the patient is inspired to rekindle a relationship with a loved one.


Despite the rush of the ER, Courtney, a travel nurse and TNAA ambassador, slows down to walk her patients through their treatment process, offers encouragement, and makes them as comfortable as they can be in the moment.


Zane, an ICU travel nurse and TNAA ambassador, doesn’t give up on a COVID-19 patient who has been in his care for months. The next-level care that healthcare workers give is captured in one of the patient’s sketches.

blonde woman sitting on fallen tree and taking photo with coast in the background


Many people live their entire lives without truly loving who they are. But as TNAA travel nurse Jennifer learned, loving yourself can transform the way you care for your patients.

young woman kneels for photo on Hollywood Walk of Fame


An ICU nurse heals emotional wounds with compassion as she takes care of and interacts with a depressed patient.

Man in backpacking gear standing in front of red rock landscape


A TNAA travel nurse helps a female patient, hospitalized due to COVID-19, witness her sister’s last high school choir concert.

couple and dog kayaking on a lake


Rainier, a PCU travel nurse, helps an elderly patient who is eager to return to normal life after surgery. His determination to get her better leaves a lasting impression on the patient.


An ICU travel nurse helps an elderly patient and his wife, both sick and hospitalized with COVID-19, be together once again.

Our Why

We started #TNAAcares at the peak of COVID-19 to extend support for you, the traveling healthcare community. While you remained on the front lines putting others before yourself, our team has continued to work tirelessly to support you in ways that extend beyond a phone call. Care packages, giveaways, a true focus on education around our mental health benefits, and connecting with you and your stories through social media have allowed us to get to know so many of you. The same stories that have moved us, have inspired others in the community. So now, we want to amplify the stories we hear of how you are making a difference in the lives around you through #bethegood.

Nominate yourself, or someone you know by tagging #bethegood on Instagram and tell us how the patient care of a healthcare worker you know (or are) is bringing to light the good our world needs to see more of.


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