What Happens Next?

What Next?

  1. Application Review – Your recruiting specialist from Travel Nurse Across America will contact you to review your application and answer any questions you may have regarding our company, including benefits such as company provided private housing, insurance benefits, travel reimbursement, and prevailing pay rates. This is also a great time to discuss any licensing issues and how we can assist you in obtaining your license for the state to which you wish to travel.
  2. Assignment Selection – Your Recruiting Specialist will help you evaluate available travel assignments in or near your preferred location(s). Once you have decided which travel assignment best matches your preference criteria, we will submit your application profile to the healthcare facility and request an interview.
  3. Telephone Interview – The telephone interview is a very important part of the hiring process. During the interview we encourage you to ask questions about the facility, the position and the shift. Many times the facility representative conducting the interview will offer the travel position to you at the end of the phone call, or they may wait and have us present a formal offer to you.
  4. On-Boarding – Once you have accepted the offer, a Quality Assurance Specialist will call to assist you in completing the last remaining items required to place you in the assignment.
  5. Housing Accommodations – A representative from our Housing Department will call you to discuss your housing options and any special needs you may have.
  6. Protocol – Our Clinical Liaison will contact you to discuss your assignment and the proper protocol to be used if issues should arise while you are on assignment with us.
  7. Destination Arrival – Once you arrive at your new destination, we will contact you to make sure everything is in order. If there are any issues or concerns, we will address them. Unpack, get organized, check out the town and plan your route to the healthcare facility!
  8. First Day – Typically, your orientation will be conducted during your first day(s) at the facility. If you have questions or concerns, we’ll take care of them for you.
  9. Enjoy Your Adventure! – While you are traveling on assignment with Travel Nurse Across America, your Recruiting Specialist and support team will be there with you every step of the way!