Travel Nursing Jobs in Oklahoma

Travel Nursing Jobs in Oklahoma

Enjoy one of the South’s hidden gems with TNAA’s travel nursing jobs in Oklahoma. With scenery as diverse as it is breathtaking, Oklahoma offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. If it’s a more cosmopolitan experience you seek, check out cities like Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK, which feature fine dining, trendy boutique shopping, and impressive collections of western art. Oklahoma is rich in history and Native American culture which you can experience at museums, cultural centers, and a number of exciting festivals. Here you’ll also find the nation’s longest stretch of Route 66, full of well-preserved roadside attractions. See our Oklahoma travel nursing jobs below.

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More about Oklahoma

In central Oklahoma you’ll find open grasslands, with cottonwood, elm, and post oak along the creeks. Try to pick out the yip of prairie dogs, the occasional howl of a coyote, and the cries of various birds. Feathered wildlife abounds throughout the state, and waterfowl are especially plentiful in the Great Salt Plains region north of Oklahoma City.

The state’s central plains rise in the west to meet the high plains that extend to the base of the Rockies in New Mexico and Colorado.

In the dry climate of Oklahoma’s Panhandle, fields of wheat give way to cacti, sagebrush, and mesquite as you head toward New Mexico. The Arbuckle Mountains rise in southern central Oklahoma and the Wichitas in the southwest.

Eastern Oklahoma presents quite a different picture. The Ozark Plateau, which rises rocky and wooded in the northeast, is complemented in the southeast by the rugged Ouachita Mountains (pronounced WASH-i-taw). Forests of maple, sweet gum, hickory, oak, and pine provide shelter for deer, raccoons, and squirrels.

Between these two rocky regions, the fertile soils of the Arkansas Valley lowlands produce crops of corn, soy, and wheat.

Oklahoma RN Licensure

Temporary License Time-Frame: Varies
Permanent License Time-Frame: 4-6 weeks
Compact (eNLC): Yes
Walk-Through: No
Cost: $10 (temporary license), $150 (permanent license)
Application Requirements: N/A
Nursys: Yes
Livescan Fingerprinting: Yes, only if in OK, otherwise paper cards
Renewal Requirements: CEU – 24 hours
Renewal Date: Every 2 years
Telephone Number: 405.962.1800