Travel Nurse Jobs in Alabama

Travel Nursing Jobs in Alabama

Travel nursing jobs in Alabama let you experience the Deep South like a local. Much of Alabama is a lush green landscape where outdoor activities like hiking, camping and mountain biking are available anywhere. The southernmost tip of the state lies on the Gulf of Mexico and features beautiful beaches. These areas are popular tourist destinations and offer fun attractions and delicious fresh seafood restaurants. See our registered nurse job opportunities in Alabama below.

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More about Alabama

White Sand, Black Soil, Red Clay

Many visitors are attracted to the white sand beaches of Alabama’s coast and to the floral charms of Mobile.

But drive north, away from the swamps and moss-draped oaks near the Gulf of Mexico, and the land between the coast and Montgomery unfurls, green with short leaf and loblolly pine forests. This area is known locally as Lower Alabama (L.A. for short).

Beyond is a region known as the Black Belt, where rich black soils produced abundant cotton crops from the first half of the 19th century until the boll weevil wreaked destruction beginning in 1915.

Northward from the Black Belt is red clay country. The earth’s distinctive color is caused by iron in the soil, iron that gave rise to Birmingham’s steel industry. Limestone is also common in the area, and you can see it in its most beautiful forms in the caves below the surface.

Still farther north, the terrain owes its rugged nature to the Appalachian Mountains, the southern

edge of which pushes into northeastern Alabama. You can walk along rocky bluffs and peer deep into canyons, cross natural stone bridges, and feel the mist rising from waterfalls.

Alabama RN Licensure

Temporary License Time-Frame: varies
Permanent License Time-Frame: 6 weeks
Compact (eNLC): Yes
Walk-Through: No
Cost: $85 application fee, $50 temporary license fee, $3.50 transaction fee
Application Requirements: Proof of citizenship, official transcripts, license verification
Nursys: Yes
Livescan Fingerprinting: No
Renewal Requirements: 24 CEU, plus 12 hours of independent study through CEU
Renewal Date: Every 2 years
Telephone Number: 800.656.5318