Immediate Needs

COVID-19 is causing an uptick in immediate needs across the nation. Apply now.
travel nursing basic requirements

Crisis Response Plan

Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns have provoked a need for a crisis response plan. Facilities are facing critical staffing shortages, and your nursing expertise is needed. Find job openings and availability for immediate needs, emergency room and more for travel nurses.

First and foremost, we want to say thank you for all you do. Read more about our traveling nursing benefits and support when dealing with the Coronavirus.

If you’re interested in high-paying MaxCash effective hourly rate travel nursing positions:

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Current Needs:


  • MedSurg
  • Oncology
  • ICU
  • TELE

ASAP Start Dates

No license required. 2-years experience required, but previous travel experience not necessary.

    Day One Benefits

Paid Sick Leave

Unlike many other agencies, we offer paid sick leave in every state that begins accruing from your first day, and you’re able to use it after 90 days of employment.

Day-One Insurance

Traveling with TNAA means traveling insured. We have you covered from day one with a comprehensive package that offers health, dental, vision, and liability insurance.